EPISODE 03 : We Are All Marbury



Full Court Press: KD & CJ, LeBron’s I Promise School

Kevin Durant tells CJ McCollum his team, last year's #3 seed, isn't good enough to "worry about what's going on at the top." LeBron James opens a new school with some seriously incredible programs in place.

KD goes in on CJ


KD responds to CJ’s tweet


LeBron’s I Promise School Highlights

I Promise School, More Detailed

Twitter thread showing the troubled nature of Akron's school system

3 on 3: Michael Jordan’s Greatest and Most Petty Bets

MJ is widely considered the greatest NBA player of all time, but did you know he's an INSANE gambler? 

Airline Baggage Bet




$300,000 Putt Bet


The Most Intense Game of Rock, Paper, Scissors

Spirits Podcast Episode, ft. Mike and Eric Discussing Jordan’s Gambling

That Actually Happened: A Chinese Play Was Written Based on the Life of Stephon Marbury

An NBA castaway finds a new home in Beijing and becomes so beloved that they write a musical about how his life's story inspired many across the city. We're not joking, this is real. 

Clips from the play

More details on the play itself

And also: Naming your equestrian podcast, dramatic podcast readings, baby Schubes in the casino, never believe Mystery, Mike “The Front Nine” Schubert