EPISODE 10 : That's a Dunk, Brother!



Full Court Press: Televising the NBA All-Star Draft and Kevin Durant’s Empire State of Mind


Last year, the NBA All-Star Game was reformatted so teams were chosen playground style. This year, the player draft will be televised. Will drama ensue? Will feelings be hurt? Eric then asks Mike if it's actually plausible that Kevin Durant joins the Knicks next year, or if it's just something that Knicks fans tell themselves to help fall asleep at night.


Miami HEAT's Vice jerseys 

That Actually Happened: Shaquille O'Neal and Hakeem Olajuwon (Almost) Played 1-on-1 Basketball for a Million Dollars

Hakeem Olajuwon's Rockets defeated Shaq's Magic in the the '95 NBA Finals, but Shaq wanted to put the teams aside and settle who was the better center with a 1-on-1 challenge dubbed "The War on the Floor." The sponsor was exactly who you think it would be.

The letter Shaq typed to Hakeem

A very bad commercial for the event

3 on 3: Three Best and Three Most Kevin Garnett NBA Trash Talk Moments


Trash talk is an essential element of basketball at all levels. We discuss the best instances of NBA trash talk as well as the meanest, and by meanest, we mean "most Kevin Garnett."


Video evidence of Larry Bird calling (and making) his shot

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