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EPISODE 31: Half of One of the Guys

(with Amir Blumenfeld)



Full Court Press: Diana Taurasi Live and Shaq and Kobe’s Beef Reignited

Mike witnessed the GOAT play (and talk trash) live and it was everything he dreamed of. Then the HORSE boys dissect the return of the Shaq and Kobe beef and if Yahoo Finance is where you air out your drama.

Kobe's interview

3-on-3: Shaq’s 3 Best Other Jobs and 3 Best Moments from MTV Cribs

Shaq is more than just a basketball player turned rapper/actor/analyst. Eric shows how well-rounded The Big Aristotle truly is and pairs his odd jobs with the most absurd moments from Shaq’s appearance on the timeless classic MTV Cribs.

Deputy Shaq

Franchise Shaq

Google Shaq

Reaction Vid (boo) to Shaq on MTV Cribs

That Actually Happened: Amir Blumenfeld Has Earned His Laker Fandom

Mike talks to with Headgum’s Amir Blumenfeld to discuss the rollercoaster that is supporting the Lakers in the past 30 years. From the glory days to the Dwightmare era, hear how Amir has dealt with being the NBA’s most hated franchise (spoiler: he loves the hate)

And also:  Boob Passwords, Safe Surfin’, AUNTIE Anne’s, 960 Hours of Fitness, NEXT, Math Break, the NBA Prefects Bathroom, Amir Will Definitely Fight Eric


Amir Blumenfeld is the co-founder of the Headgum podcast network and the host of Buckets!

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