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EPISODE 32: Air Bud: Zam-Bone-I



Full Court Press: USA Flops at the FIBA World Cup and the NBA Bans Ninja-Style Headbands

The USA men’s team lost to France in the Basketball World Cup, which has Mike torn between his country and his love of the Knicks. Next, the HORSE boys lament the loss of the "ninja-style" headbands after just one year in the league.

Mike Scott Beats Up Losers

That Actually Happened: Air Bud Isn’t Actually Good at Basketball

Buddy, the golden retriever in seminal classic "Air Bud," is one the best dogs to play the game. But does that mean he’s actually good at basketball? According to Eric, no, not even close.

Buddy Actually Isn't Great at Hoops

Behind the Scenes of Buddy

3-on-3: Gregg Popovich’s 3 Best Sideline Interviews and 3 Best Post-game Interviews

Gregg Popovich is either grumpy, funny, or using his grumpiness to be funny. He also has no patience for the many ridiculous interviews he has to give as part of his job as NBA coach. Mike covers the best results of Pop’s apathy towards stupid questions during and after games.

Pop Wipes Nose with Sager's Pocket Square + 4/22 Shooting Response

Pop Puts Life Into Perspective

Pop Stands Up for Kawhi

Pop is Genuine to Craig Sager Jr. 

And also:  Ninjas Are Athletes, Eric Will Fight Amir, I’m Glad You Said Cancer, 13th Player/1st Dog, Paul McCartney Hollywood, My Favorite Show Is The Big Bang Theory

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