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EPISODE 43: Bobby in the Field

Full Court Press: Dame Lillard Fires Back at the Refs and a Wild WNBA Free Agency

Damian Lillard attempted a game-tying layup, Rudy Gobert committed a goaltending foul on the play, but the refs missed it. They didn't review it and Dame's team lost, so he went scorched earth on the refs on Twitter. Also, WNBA Free Agency was absolutely bonkers and Jordan Ligons returns to put it all in perspective.

Jordan's Winners and Losers of WNBA Free Agency

Raptors Team Scarf Photo

That Actually Happened:  The Grateful Dead Sponsored the Lithuanian Olympic Basketball Team

Yes, you read that sentence correctly. Eric tells the tale of how the Lithuanian team found hope in an unlikely sponsor in their first Olympic Games as an independent nation. Bill Walton approves.

The Shirt

The Bronze Medal Video

Phoebe Rocking the Shirt

3-on-3 Draft: The Three Best Western and Eastern Conference Basketball Pump-Up Songs

Mike is joined by the hosts of Dunktown to cover the best in NBA hype up songs! Mike covers the Eastern conference, while the LA-based Dunktown hosts cover the West. Get ready to update your playlists.

Hip 2 Clip

Clutch City Ballin'

Here Come the Sixers

Not in Our House


Lakers Town

Go NY Go

And also:  #FuckCassidy, Plenty Money, Fuck the Ref’rees, Free & Grateful, Beckman Family Content, Hip 2 Clip, My Favorite Team: the GoalPosts


Bobby Wagner is a podcast producer at The Ringer. Find him on Twitter @bwags

Jordan Ligons is a fact-checker and writer at The Ringer. Find her on Twitter @_jordanligons

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