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EPISODE 54: Roast Beef Debris



Full Court Press:  The Danger of Fighting Racism With Racism and Elena Della Donne Speaks Out

Much like the rest of 2020, the basketball related news wasn't the best. Adam and Mike speak out against the scary trend of anti-Semitism from athletes, as well as the WNBA turning down Elena Delle Donne's medical opt-out request. Thankfully, Adam concludes FCP with a more lighthearted moment that makes Mike look silly.

Tweet thread explaining anti-Semitic statements from black celebrities

Kareem Abdul Jabbar's Article

Elena Delle Donne's Players Tribune article

Info about Lyme disease

3-on-3: The Best and Worst NBA Stadium Foods

When you think of food to eat at an American sporting event, you probably think of things like hot dogs, nachos, and beer. Well Adam has scoured the menus across the league's stadiums and found the most delectable and most disgusting food orders you can munch on while watching players get dunked on. 

Roast Beef and Gravy Fries

Brooklyn Oyster Cart

Vegan Caribbean Vegetable Bowl 

Brisket Potato Waffle

Donut and Spiced Chicken Sandwich

La Enchilada Burger

Triple Double

That Actually Happened: The Curious Case of Ersan İlyasova

Ersan ilyasova is an NBA player who has made a solid career for himself over the years, OR HAS HE?! Mike shares the perplexing tale about how one man disappeared, another came out of nowhere, and rumors as to whether or not they're the same person. It even involves one country suing another country!

Josh Elias' definitive piece on Ersan Ilyasova/Arsen Ilyasov

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