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EPISODE 57: Jesus' Theme Song



Full Court Press:  Masai Ujiri’s Vindication and the Milwaukee Bucks Take a Stand (9:16)

After the 2019 NBA Finals, Masai Ujiri had an altercation with a security officer. The security guard sued, Masai counter-sued, and recent bodycam footage proved Masai's innocence. The HORSE boys discuss this incident and its bigger picture implications before moving on to breaking news of the NBA Playoffs Strike.

Masai Ujiri Bodycam Footage

Masai Ujiri Statement

3-on-3: 3 Terrible Games From Great Players and 3 Tremendous Games From “Eh” Players (21:07)

A star player underperforming and a mediocre player shocking the world are both buzzworthy in the world of sports. Adam has compiled the worst games from the best players and the best games from the most "meh" players and shares the tales.

That Actually Happened: Roundball Rock: The GOAT of Songs (39:11)

Some claim there is no such thing as a perfect song. Well those dweebs have never listened to Roundball Rock, the old NBA on NBC them from the 90s. Mike finally gets to share the song that has been his ringtone ever since he figured out how to make custom ringtones in 2009.

Roundball Rock Article

Roundball Rock Concert

NBA on NBC Debut Commercial

Roundball Rock SNL Skit

And also: Walt's Silver Linings, Just Beans Baby, Kodak Moments, The Big Dipper, Triple Double Doubles, Backyard Baseball, Bodaciously Bonkers, Dave Bing, The John Williams of Sports, Donna Summer Disco Songs, Mr. Peanut, Miniature Refs,



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