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EPISODE 63: "You Need Me, SCOTT."



Full Court Press: The NBA Draft, Trades, and Free Agency

One of the most *shrug emoji* drafts in recent years took place and there were many interesting picks! Mike and Adam recap those as well as the trades and signings that took place in the offseason thus far!

3-on-3: The Three Best and Three Worst NBA Draft Night Outfits

NBA draftees love to bust out the flashy outfits for their big day. Sometimes, the daring decisions make for delectable decor. Other times, they fall flatter than a pancake. Adam recaps the best and worst! 

Hakeem Olajuwon

Cam Reddish

Wendell Carter Jr.

LeBron James

Trey Young #1

Trey Young #2

Joakim Noah


That Actually Happened: The Infamous Jimmy Butler Practice

Jimmy Butler wasn't always as happy as he currently is in Miami. He was once the epitome of "get off my lawn," but incredibly justified, while on the Timberwolves. He left this bad situation in a ball of flames. Mike tells that tale.

Woj's Article

Jimmy's Appearance on the JJ Redick Podcast

And also: Quill Pens, Demands and Decrees, Toppin’ and Poppin, NBA Draft Cats, The Fellas/The Valley Boys, Misogyny: The Restaurant, Schrödinger's Trade, Jrue Holiday’s Impeccable Skin, The KFC Yum Center (Again), The Dope Meter, Michelle Jerdens, Brutal Mustaches, Swaggy-Ass Loafers, Julius Caesar Hair, Johnny & Jimmy Athletic, I’m Yappin, Band of Scrubs, Milkshake Refills



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