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EPISODE 65: The 2nd Annual NBA Drama Draft: Drama Could Be Afoot



Full Court Press: Kyrie Irving Doesn’t Talk To Pawns & Giannis Gets PAID

The Yin and the Yang. The Alpha and the Omega. The not-Knicks and the Knicks. Life is full of balance, and this FCP balances bad news (Kyrie back on his bullshit) with great news (Giannis getting a much-deserved contract).


Kyrie's "Clarification"

That Actually Happened: The 2nd Annual NBA Drama Draft of All 30 Teams

Adam and Schubes go back and forth choosing the teams that they predict will be the most dramatic this coming season. From grumpy players to looming trades, anything can cause drama in the NBA, and the HORSE boys will show you how! NBA DRAMA IS INESCAPABLE. 

And also: #ProveSchubesWrongSZN, Carrier Pigeons, Mike Scoobert & Mams, Our Beloved Bang Man, The Grumpy Triumvirate, Bespoke Cocktails, Most Valuable Paul, Grumbling and Bumbling, Steven-Keeled, The Desert Boys, Goran Dragic: Unpaid Model/Spokesperson, #SayKnicksForClicks, DORT, Fully Simmered Beef, Godzilly, Italian Spells



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