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EPISODE 01 : My Dad, The Commissioner



Full Court Press: “I Don't Know Who the F*** That Is” vs. Drew Bledsoe


Terry Rozier messes up Eric Bledsoe's name, which starts a petty beef that somehow sparks a beautiful friendship. 

Terry’s quote that started it all


Eric Bledsoe Saying “IDK Who the F*** That is”


Reggie Bullock’s Tweet that stoked the fire


The Real Drew Bledsoe enters the mix

Drew Bledsoe makes Terry Rosé wine

3 on 3: Most/Least Intimidating NBA Team Names

Some team names instill fear into their opponents; others have to do with music or bodies of water.

That Actually Happened: The Swamp Dragons of New Jersey

In 1994, the New Jersey Nets almost vaulted from a boring name to a TRULY GLORIOUS ONE, but one team stood in their way...

Recap of the entire ordeal

And also: the rules of the show, our credentials, Mike's chicken nuggets experience, Sweet Summer Boy Akash

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