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EPISODE 104: Every Fan Base Is Extremely Annoying
w/ Josh Gondelman & Dan Yang



Full Court Press: Schubes Sits Courtside at a WNBA Game!


Multitude Survey-

An interview With: Comic/Warriors Fan Dan Yang & Comic/Celtics Fan Josh Gondelman

Recorded just hours before the Game 5 tip-off, the HORSE Boys spoke with a representative from each team's fanbase so they could lay out why their team is great, why the other team stinks, etc. Civilized beef!

Baron Davis Baseline Dunk-
Jordan Poole Half Court Shot Game 2-

Full Court Press Part 2: NBA Finals Reaction!

The HORSE Boys recap their thoughts on the 2022 NBA Finals!

Jordan Poole Game 5 Buzzer Beater-
Jordan Poole Game 5 Buzzer Beater Heard Round The World-
Klay Thompson Holy Cannoli Speech-
Al Horford’s Wife’s Salty Tweet-

And also: Grad Workers, WE BELIEVE, Weak Double Doubles, Thunder The Forgotten Warriors Mascot, Riley Curry, Marcus Smart Apologists, Office Trashcan Shots, Donda Sports, Anta Sneakers, Get Wrecked, Wife Swaps, Ghost E-mails, Super Senior Paul Pierce, Gamer Basements, Gucci Mane, Mrs. Clause, Guy’s Grocery Games Championship Rings, Global Basketball Ambassadors, The E-40 Biological Science Building, Cloud 109, Holy Cannoli, Sad Bird Noises, Suebird Clear

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