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EPISODE 107: Stuntin’ With 46 Dollars



Full Court Press: Miles Bridges’ Misconduct, Liz Cambage Leaves The Sparks & NBA Free Agency

Bad, drama, and future drama shapes this episode's FCP

Barkley being an ally-
Miles Bridges Allegations-
Victor Wembanyama Highlights-
Chris Herring's Blood in the Garden listed on Obama’s books of the year-

Spike Lee doc-

3-on-3: Kevin Durant’s Three Best Basketball/Non-Basketball Tweets Of 2022

So many wild tweets that Adam had to limit it to just this year!

KD's MySpace-[…]t-chillen-lookin-4-youngins-to-chill-with-or-just-be-friends

That Actually Happened: Schubes Sat Courtside For Sue Bird vs Diana Taurasi!!!


La Santisima, Mexican restaurant in Phoenix- bird/goat shirt-

And also: Kerfuffles, Ceph Sturry, Spoonerisms, Pig Latin, Unicorns & Rainbows, Scuttlebutt, Tangled, AITA, Back To The Future, The New Media, Contradiction Bread, KD Trey Cinco, Charge It To The Game, MySpace, Demon Time, KEVINBALLA33, Young Thug, Jersey Shore, Legacy Points, Birthdays Vs Bird Days, Big Chunky Tamales, Pancho Villa, McMuffins, The Dry Foot, Commoner’s Entrance, White Zinfandel, No-Look High Fives, GANB!!!

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