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EPISODE 108: It’s Not All Just Goofs And Jokes Here
(A Bill Russell Appreciation Episode)



Full Court Press: Erik Spoelstra’s Brave Son, Brittney Griner Update, and WNBA Plane Drama

The HORSE Boys cover a happy story of perseverance, a frustrating update for the BG in Russia situation, and an unfortunate WNBA stipulation that caused trouble for the LA Sparks.

Alec Bohm (Phillies player) gets upset with fans-
Bohm discusses errors/comments-
Bohm gets a warm ovation from Philly fans-
Brittney Griner sentencing-

That Actually Happened: Bill Russell, Civil Rights Activist

Though people can argue day and night about whether or not his copious amount of NBA rings make him the GOAT, there is no debate that Bill Russell is the greatest NBA activist of all time. Adam recaps his efforts off the court to fight for civil rights.

Bill Russell Tweet in support of NBA players:
Bill Russell graduation speech photo-
Bill Russell tweets in support of Colin Kaepernick-
Barack Obama awards Bill Russell Presidential Medal of Freedom:


3-on-3: Bill Russell’s Three Coolest On-Court & Trash Talking Moments

To round out the coverage of Bill Russell Mike details his most impressive achievements on the court, but much more importantly, his UNBELIEVABLY SAVAGE TRASH-TALKING GAME.

1962 Finals Article 1 -

1962 Finals Article 2 -

Jumping over a guy-

"Which one?" -

"I'd Kick Your Ass" -

Middle Finger vid -

Middle finger tweet -

And also: Maiden Names, KBS, Economy Plus, Extra Biscoffs, Comparing Apples & Refrigerators

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