EPISODE 11 : My Favorite Player is Cash Considerations



Full Court Press: What We’re Thankful For in the NBA & Sue Bird Watching


With Thanksgiving in the rear view mirror, Mike and Eric talk about what they are thankful for around the NBA and what they love about their favorite teams. Just don't tell Kyrie Irving. And what's that, is that Sue Bird's music?! In another edition of Bird Watching, the boys talk Sue Bird's new job with the Nuggets!

3 on 3: The Three Best Jews in Basketball and the Three Worst Bigots Related to the NBA

Inspired by the tragedy in Pittsburgh and the general trash fire of 2018, Eric shares stories praising some Jewish basketball greats and bashing basketball bigots. 


Amare looks so happy as an Israeli champion

That Actually Happened: A Massive Trade Is Held Up by the Least Important Player’s Contract

A small clause in an unimportant NBA contract lead to an 11 million dollar pay out, trading a retired player, and lying Mark Cuban. Mike teaches us all why math can be fun thanks to Devean George and his agent. HOORAY, MATH!

The Portland Trailblazers welcome Cash Considerations to the team via Twitter

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