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EPISODE 116: Sir, This Is A Mirror From IKEA



Full Court Press: Giannis Ladder Drama & Sacramento Lights The Beam

Giannis had a rare grumpy streak and the Kings have a rare winning streak sparked by A BEAM THAT CAN BE SEEN BY ALIENS?!?!


Adam Headlining Stand Up NY- 

That Actually HappenedThe Time A Girls High School Basketball Team Won 100-0

It unfortunately sounds way cooler than it actually is because the coach was a jerk. WHY MUST ADULTS ALWAYS RUIN THE FUN.

Coach interview part 1- Coach interview part 2-

3-on-3The Three Coolest/Wackest NBA City Edition Jersey Press Releases

If you ever felt bad about filling up pages of an assignment with fluff to hit a page minimum, you no longer need too because these NBA employees are getting paid fat stacks to do so.

Full List of NBA City Edition Jerseys-

Video of Bucks Artist Describing Jersey-

Video of OKC Jersey "reveal"-

And also: The Amazing Race, Tasmanian Devil, Turnip Throwing, Yankee Swap/White Elephant, The Jim Beam/LL Beam, Sully, Airport Carpet Patterns, Dysentery, Dirt Nowitzki, Deconstructed Chocolate Cake, Romano’s Macaroni Grill, Hustlers, Christian Pulisic’s Nuts

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