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EPISODE 121: Scottie Pippen Has A Rectangular Head



Full Court Press: Ja Morant Drama & NBA Trade Deadline Madness!

Ja has us scratching our heads in confusion, while NBA teams have us scratching our chins in fascination! 

HORSE live show:

Adam tour schedule: 

Mike tour schedule:

Shannon Sharpe Ja Morant:

An Interview With: Former SB Nation Knicks Beat Writer & Secret Base Creator Seth Rosenthal

Seth Rosenthal joins for a lovely interview about his career in hoops content creation, sports fandom at large, and what it means to document the history of the NBA.

Scottie Pippen Jerry Krause beef:  

Part 1:

Part 2:

Shaq Javale beef: 

Bobcats secret base video:

And also: Rihanna, Hors D’Oeuvres, Airport Lounges, Stephanie Tanner, Cash Considerations, Raspberry Noise Trash, Real Housewives, Beeves, Last Week Tonight, Termeownator, MAHrris County, Posting And Toasting, SLC Dunk, Thal Is Life, Round Heads, Triangle Heads, Scaline Triangles, Everywhere You Bang, Buffalo Chicken Dip

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