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EPISODE 124: I Ate Marinated Herring in Denmark



Full Court Press: Dillon Brooks Drama And Knicks/Bulls Updates

Dillon Brooks wasn't particularly beloved, and then he went and had one of the grumpiest weeks we've ever seen. Also, the HORSEmen discuss how their favorite teams are holding up.

Mr. Bucket commercial-

Adam tour schedule-

Adam merch-

Mike tour schedule-

Paul George 360-

Dillon Brooks article-

Dillon Brooks/Kyrie Irving unsuccessful jersey swap-

Dillon Brooks pushing cameraman-

Dennis Rodman kicks cameraman-

3-on-3: The Three Most Iconic Playing Through Injury Stories 

Some NBA players are TOUGH and manage to play through significant pain at the highest stages. Adam recaps some of the most impressive tales from the East and West of the NBA.

Kobe shoots free throws on torn Achilles-

Gary Vitti describes Kobe tearing his Achilles-

Klay Thompson plays through torn ACL-

Conley discusses facial fractures-,Conley%20closed%20his%20eyes.

Rajon Rondo plays through a dislocated elbow-

Isiah Thomas injured ankle game-

That Actually Happened: The Remarkable Life of Willis Reed

Willis Reed was an absolute legend who was synonymous with the success of the two championship Knicks teams in the 1970s. Mike recaps his career, mostly focusing on his most iconic game that Knicks fans adore.

Chris Herring Willis Article:

Willis Reed fights the entire Lakers team -

And also: Hergy Flergies, Swedish Chef, Mr. Bubbles, Mr. Bucket, Unreasonably Dangerous Choking Hazards, Hungry Hungry Hippos, Furby’s, Rock Em Sock Em Robots, Tourope, Sagacity, Danish Ads, Poisoned Pizza, The Herring Community, Grey’s Anatomy

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