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EPISODE 126: I Will Schadenfreude All The Way Home



Full Court Press: Draymond Stomping Chests & Miles Bridges Update

Fun fact: you're actually not allowed to stomp on someone's chest in a game of basketball. Unlike in Air Bud, this one is written in the rulebook.

Under Cover Comic-

Adam Tour Dates-

Mike Tour Dates-

Draymond stomps on Sabonis-

Stuart MadTV-

JJ Redick First Take Green/Sabonis-

Miles Bridges situation-

Katie Heindl Miles Bridges article- 

John Wall first pitch- 


NBA Drama Draft Reflections: How Did Our Preseason Predictions Hold Up?

The Drama Draft is a lovely HORSE tradition. now, for the first time ever, the HORSEmen revisit the draft to see how their predictions held up!

Gregg Popovich talks about gun violence-

And also: The Menu, Dunkin Donuts/Baskin Robbins, Tár, Long Island Iced Tea, Banana Stand, Super Mid, The Brunson Burner, Playoff Jimmy, Pop Rocks

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