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EPISODE 131:  He’s Swimming On Cloud Moon!



Full Court Press: Ja Morant Suspension, NBA Blockbuster Trades & NBA Draft

The NBA comes down on Ja, big names are on the move, and young dudes are on new teams!

Under Cover Comic-  

Adam tour schedule-  

Adam mailing list-

Mike’s tour schedule- 

Hoopsocial NBA market size chart- 

Wembanyama first pitch-

An Interview With: Comedian and Denver Nuggets Superfan Thad B

A firsthand recap of the Nuggets victory parade from someone who was at the big party itself!


Thad’s viral high school mixtape-  Mike Malone speech at parade-

Mike Malone tattoo-

Nuggets on a tank-

And also: Muddled Fruit, Nerdy Conventions, XLNC, Baby Hands, Blazer Scuttlebutt, Spanish Question Marks, Anti-Pickleball Propaganda, University of Phoenix Online, Glue Guy, Bench Skittles, Sim Bhullar, Fireball Shooters, SWAT Tank, Jokić the Jockey

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