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EPISODE 14 : Do You Have Any Sons?



Full Court Press: Blake Griffin Has Proof on His iPad, The Coors Light Beer Button in Milwaukee


Blake Griffin was called for a foul but did not believe he was fouled, so he acted like an exhausted parent of a screaming child and used an iPad to save the day. Also, the Milwaukee Bucks want to make sure no one misses a second of NBA action by waiting in like for beer. They also want to make sure no one misses this "BEER ME" button because it takes up the entirety of the screen.

Video of Blake Griffin Using the iPad

Images of the Absurdly Large "BEER ME" Button

That Actually Happened: How a 7-Foot, 400-Pound Police Officer Got His Son Into the NBA

A Bosnian man read a headline about a feat of strength from a very large human. He got a ridiculous idea, but the joke's on you, because it was just ridiculous enough to work.

Photos from the Original Story at

SB Nation Write-up

3 on 3: Three Best and Three Worst Expensive Gifts on the NBA Store

Each team's merchandise store has some absolutely bonkers items on it. Mike carefully examined the most expensive items to determine which were obnoxious and which were obnoxiously good. WARNING: Mike tries to convince us all the math is fun... AGAIN.

Celtics Signed Ball

Mini Larry O'Brien Trophy

Klay Shadowbox

Bucks Sweaty Jerseys

Jordan Instagram Filter Poster

Lakers Signed Balls

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