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EPISODE 142: We Are Approaching Gray Town



Full Court Press: Draymond Green Chokes Rudy Gobert & Kawhi Leonard Gets Booed

Draymond committed a heinous act, while Coach Pop stood against the real threat: BOOS.

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Draymond Green chokes Rudy Gobert-
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A Special HORSE Draft: The Best and Worst NBA In-Season Tournament Courts (video component link)

The NBA created some wild (and some boring) courts for this inaugural In-Seaton Tournament. Adam and Mike draft them!

Link to video -

NBA In-Season Tournament Courts-

And also: Half-Indian Card, Eur-a-peein, Eur-a-payin, Scary Zoom Lady, Tribal Tattoos, Word Art, Pimp My Ride, Texas Roadhouse, SBF, Semi-Pro, AI-Generated Slogans, Golden Corral, Oxidized Statues, Normal Muted Bang

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