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EPISODE 151: Miss Piggy Don’t Take No Mess 



Full Court Press: Draymond’s Antics, Luka/Kelly Oubre Jr Talking Smack, and an NBA Betting Scandal

Draymond is back at it, smack talk is heating up, and the silliest betting scandal possible is rocking the NBA.

Adam tour schedule-     
Adam mailing list-   
Mike’s tour schedule- 
Jeff Teague Tony Brothers story- 
Tony Brothers making fun of Tyrese Haliburton’s form- 
Scrubs Barry Bonds reference-
Draymond ejection- 
Steph reacts to Draymond getting ejected-
Luka talking trash to Vlade Divac- 
Kelly Oubre Jr tirade-

That Actually Happened: Mike Saw LeBron And Adam Saw Caitlin Clark!

Two potential GOAT sightings in one week? What's not to love?

LeBron highlights vs Nets- Clark highlights vs LSU- vs LSU game highlights-

And also: Blue Bell, Google Glasses, Draft-Related Pettiness, Wedgie, Faceball, Bayou Barbie, Chortle

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