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EPISODE 16 : The Legend of Lobster Bisque



Full Court Press: The All Star Draft, the LeBron/AD Conspiracy, Kristaps Is Gone


The NBA All Star Draft is finally going to be televised. The stakes were already high, but a new wrinkle has developed: is LeBron trying to court Kyrie AND Anthony Davis to the Lakers? In urgent (and sad for Mike) news, the Knicks have traded Kristaps Porzingis for a shot at Kevin Durant this offseason. Will everything work out or will they still be the Knicks?

The Art of Basketball by Edo Ball (thanks, Ross!)

Mike and Eric's full-length Kristaps discussion

That Actually Happened: The Space Jam Website Is Still On the Internet

n the late 90s, movie studios decided to make websites for upcoming movies on something called "the Internet." Some visionaries at Warner Brothers developed an incredible website, and thanks to some Reddit sleuths, the world can now appreciate it. The only reason it exists today is a ROLLERCOASTER. Eric tells the tale of how this all came to be.

The Space Jam Website

3 on 3:  Three Best and Three Worst Jersey Sponsors

In 2016, companies began sponsoring NBA teams by putting tiny patches of their logos on the left shoulder of the jerseys. Some of these sponsors make sense and fit well, while others are garbagesauce. Mike made sure to cheer up the city of New Orleans with this one since they've been through a lot lately.

Nets Original Infor Jerseys

Rockets ROKiT Jerseys

Kings Blue Diamond Jerseys

JAZZ IT UP, WITH ZATARAIN'S (on the Pelicans' jerseys)

Orlando's Disney Jerseys

Cavs Goodyear Jerseys

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