EPISODE 19 : Sunny and I Like It (with Jeffrey Cranor)



Full Court Press: Jazz Fan Harasses Russell Westbrook, Jazz Kicks Out Fan


A video of Russell Westbrook yelling at a Jazz fan went viral. As the Internet wondered what made Russ snap, it turns out it was the usual: racist and/or homophobic things. As a response, the Jazz banned the harassing fan and the franchise & the NBA are trying to keep this from happening again.

That Actually Happened: The 14-Team Trade to Fix NBA Team Names

Jeffrey Cranor of Welcome to Night Vale presents his plan for making NBA team names relevant to the city that each team calls home. It involves 14 teams and pushes Jeffery's brilliant imagination to its limits.

3 on 3 Draft:  The Best Ejections from NBA Games

In this head-to-head edition of 3 on 3, Mike and Eric draft their favorite ridiculous NBA ejections. There is a surprising amount of slapping, kicking, and grabbing of private areas involved in this segment.

Evans and Hill Touch Butts

Vince and Mo Pete Slap Each Other

Bullets Mascot Gets Ejected

T-MAC Auditions for the NFL

Aaron Brooks Grabs His Junk to Defend his Friend

Tim Duncan Gets Ejected for Laughing

Tim Duncan Plant Commercial

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