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EPISODE 36: What is this, Paper?! (with Ted Alexandro)

Full Court Press: Joel Embiid and Karl-Anthony Towns Fought & Rising Stars Are Taking PEDs

Towns and Embiid have a history of butting heads and despite claims from KAT that the two wouldn't fight... they fought. Thankfully, Ben Simmons was there with a "peaceful" headlock. Also, the NBA has been cracking down on players using banned substances and the HORSE boys try to make sense of the message the league is trying to send.

Mike Scott approves of the fight

3-on-3 Draft: The Three Best Basketball Equipment Failures

It's easy to forget how much equipment is needed to make a basketball game run smoothly. From the ball to the rim to the electronics, there are a plethora of items essential to the game. It's always hilarious when this equipment malfunctions, so Mike and Eric are here to tell the tales of their favorite mishaps.

NCAA Men Play with Women's Ball

The Rifleman Breaks the Backboard

Doug McDermott Breaks Camera

Spurs' A/C Breaks Down

The Knicks Play One Half in Silence

Shaq Breaks Rims and Changes Rules

That Actually Happened: Ted Alexandro Tells Jokes About Basketball to Explain Real Life

Stand-up comedian Ted Alexandro joins the HORSE boys to talk about his basketball fandom, his basketball-related jokes, and how he uses those jokes to pivot into discourse about bigger picture issues.

Ted's Stand-Up Special

And also:  Mike Has a Very Long Torso, Celine Dion, Putting Up Bricks in the 1950s, Umpire Ejections, Yakety Sax

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