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EPISODE 06 : Better Shake This, YIKES!



Full Court Press: Sue Bird and the Seattle Storm Win the WNBA Finals, TimberBulls Assemble, It’s Always  Hoodie Melo SZN


Our favorite basketball player added another title to her resume, Coach Thibs is "getting the band back together," and Carmelo Anthony refuses to conform to your fashion norms.

Sue Bird's WNBA Finals Write-Up

Carmelo wearing a hoodie on the beach in 82°F weather

That Actually Happened: An NBA Star Scrapped a Signing Because of a Rectal Exam, and Other Recent Medical Moments

"Pistol" Pete Maravich's close-mindedness and lack of knowledge of good medical practices really came back to bite him in the ass (pun FULLY intended). 

Article recapping the saga

Pistol Pete Highlight Reel

Clyde "THE TRUE POINT GUARD OF THE 70s" Frazier Highlight Reel

3 on 3: The Best and Worst Parts of “Get’cha Head in the Game” from High School Musical

His head's in the game, his heart's in the song, and we're in DEEP in the details of this video.

Capezio Shoes

And also: Bird Watching: a Sue Bird Podcast; Poaching Co-Workers; Absolutely No Mention of Gay Relationships; Capezios are the Best Dance Shoe; This Kid is an Amazing Rebounder; Hello Dolly Fucks

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