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EPISODE 66: No Two Pop-A-Shots Are Alike



Full Court Press: James Harden Breaks COVID Protocols & Bulls/Knicks First Game Overreactions

James Harden is still upset about not being traded away from Houston. Recently, he elevated beyond grumpy boy status into dangerous man status by breaking COVID protocol. The HORSE boys discuss this as well as present their far-too-early takes on the Knicks and Bulls based on just one game of action. 


Coby White's Hair

Ryan Arcidiacono's Hair

Steph's Cornrows

Kawhi's Menorah Cornrows

3-on-3 Draft: Our Top 3 Favorite Games That Are Basketball (But Not Really)

Basketball is our favorite sport. We like the way they dribble up and down the court. But we also like basketball-but-not-really games, like HORSE, and we draft our top choices. Playground excitement all around!

And also: Foakleys, Misogynistic Clothes, Steph Curry’s Cornrows (BANG!), Dubious Handles, Doug McDonald, Max Confusion, Yarr J Parrot, Floopsie Flurvie, Brutal Double Rims, Different Sizes of Balls, Dikembe Mutombo 3 Pointers, “Carl” Malone, Kelly Schubert: Glue Gal



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