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EPISODE 69: Double Mask, Double Bang



Full Court Press: Bulls/Knicks Bets, No National Anthem in Dallas, and NBA All-Star Game Talk

Not only did the fantasy teams of the HORSE Boys face off this past week, but so did their favorite real life NBA teams! Adam and Schubes recap these battles before discussing the short-lived skipping of the National Anthem by the Mavs and the recent rumblings around the 2021 NBA All Star Game.

3-on-3: Bulls Commentator Stacey King’s Best/Worst Nicknames & Catchphrases

An underwhelming Bulls player flipped the script and became one of the best color commentators in the game. Adam presents our first every DOUBLE 3-ON-3 to cover Stacey King's best and worst signature catchphrases and player nicknames. 

White Mamba

Step Back and Kiss Myself

Hot Saucel


That Actually Happened: Legendary Knicks Commentator Walt ‘Clyde’ Frazier’s Rhyming

Schubes is glistening at the thought of you listening to him cover the best and wildest phrases of the color commentator forms beloved New York Knicks, Walt "Clyde" Frazier. You'll be smilin' while Schubes is profilin' this magnanimous NBA legend.

Clyde Frazier being the coolest person on Earth for eleven minutes

Layup Over Pachulia, Ain't That Peculiar?

And also: Superstar Superspreaders, the Ball-Star Game, Shirt-tastic, "Chorros", Samir Nagannaworkhereanymore, Rand Paul, 1930 Marvel Superheroes, The Big Face of The Franchise, the Bulls’ Victory Cigar, Inherently Sexual Undertones, The Finnisher, Girating + Careening = Gireening, Swiss Cheese D, Lazarus Rising From The Dead, Lilliputians    



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