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EPISODE 70: Did He Get Suspended For Taking Laxatives? (with Gerald Bourguet)



Full Court PressNBA Teams Sitting Healthy Players, Candace Parker Goes To Chicago & Minnesota’s New Coach

Talk about a FULL court press! Mike and Adam cover an upsetting trend employed by teams, a WNBA legend in the midst of a change of scenery, and a wild coaching hiring/firing one-two punch.

Draymond Press Conference

Shams' Lavine Tweet

Shams' Quin Cook MEGATHREAD


3-on-3 Draft: Mike’s 3 Proudest & Adam’s 3 Most Embarrassing Basketball Moments

The Knicks defeated the Bulls earlier in the year, and the HORSE Boys put a wager on it and this draft is the result. Adam shares sad stories, and Mike is for once ENCOURAGED to brag about himself!  


An Interview With: Phoenix Suns Beat Writer/Host of Valley of the Suns Podcast Gerald Bourguet

Following and reporting on an NBA team is already a whirlwind of job. That whirlwind has become a full-fledged twister given that chaos of a league trying to function during COVID. Gerald shares the inside scoop!

And also: Dean’s Midterms, Derek Fisher Sucks, Fairly Sensitive Fella, Harry Potter Houses, The Foul Shot Game, The “Dawgz”, Pre-Growth Spurt Mike Schubert, Bieber-Style Haircuts, MIDI Ringtones, F**k Ted Cruz, Happy Anniversary Mike & Kelly!



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