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EPISODE 72: The Shaquille Complex

w/ Haley O'Shaughnessy & Jordan Ligons



Full Court Press: Our 4/1 HORSE Live Zoom Show & NBA Trade Deadline Madness 

The NBA Trade Deadline was pretty spicy this year, especially if your name was Gary! The only thing spicier than the trade announcements this week was The HORSE Boys announcing their live show on 4/1/21!


An Interview With: Haley O’Shaughnessy and Jordan Ligons (co-hosts of Spinsters Podcast)

The co-hosts of the new Spinsters podcast join Adam and Schubes to recap a wild week in the NBA filled with Twitter drama, Instagram drama, and on-court basketball drama! 

Wiggins and Kobe Teaching Moment

And also: The Gary Community, April Foals Day, “kk”, Theeee Juuuuump, the Holy Dunkers, 4D Shade Chess, Cash Considerations, NO RELAX, Don’t Google Fournier, Gary Psoriasis, Neckbearding All Over The Place, Milk Warm, White Tube Socks, The All Point Guard Roster



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Blaseball: “Blaseball is baseball at your mercy. Baseball perfected. Our players are inhuman. They play day and night. Rain or shine. They never grow sick. They never tire.”

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