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EPISODE 73: I’m Gonna Need a Good Meal Tonight



Full Court Press: The New WNBA Jerseys & Paul Pierce’s Shenanigans

The WNBA unveiled 3 new uniforms for each team to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the league and they are FRESH. Also Paul Pierce pulled some shenanigans and felt the wrath of Disney because of it.


3-on-3: The Three Best & Worst Performances by an NBA Player in a Movie

NBA players acting in various media is always a fun discussion on HORSE, and we've always put some sort of qualifier on it. Adam, who has acting experience, brings us back to basics and talks the best and worst NBA acting performances in film history.

Patrick Chewing


Dikembe Mutombo Commercial

That Actually Happened: The Tim Donaghy NBA Refereeing Scandal

The 2007 NBA Referee Betting Scandal is one of the wildest stories in the history of the sport. Mike recently did a deep dive into articles and a podcast about the scandal and shares his findings. 

ESPN Article

And also: No Jazz Hands No Pizza Hands, Booties Twerkin’, Barstool Paul, Butt-Related Sponsors, Patrick Chewing, Magic Boomboxes, Soul Plane



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Blaseball: “Blaseball is baseball at your mercy. Baseball perfected. Our players are inhuman. They play day and night. Rain or shine. They never grow sick. They never tire.”

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