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EPISODE 74: Fabrizio is a Dime Piece (with Noah Savage & Jordan Ligons)



Full Court Press: Breaking Down the WNBA Draft with Jordan Ligons (co-host of Spinsters Podcast)

Our WNBA Correspondent Jordan Ligons is back to break down all the stories from the recent WNBA Draft! From surprising trades to Finnish babies to a player who dropped surprisingly far, Jordan makes sense of all the tea.


An Interview With: Comedian/Former Division 1 Player/ESPN Broadcaster Noah Savage

Noah Savage has lived a ridiculous life, and basketball has been a part of it throughout. The HORSE Boys chat with Noah about playing against NBA stars, hooping professionally in Switzerland, finagling his way into a commentating job, and so much more.

And also: Chip and a Chair, Fantasy Pretend Things, Trot With Me, Point God, Adam’s White Half, 6’6" And Three Quarters, A Face For Radio, Cliff Paul, Old Man Strength, Puberty Round Two: The Sequel, Johnny Sportscaster, New York City Comedian Rankings, Putting Balls in Rings



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