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EPISODE 76: I Want My Thighs to be Hugged



Full Court Press: NBA Playoff/Play-In Drama

The 2021 Playoffs are upon us, and the HORSE Boys are here to tell you all the juicy things to look out for from potential beefs to team narratives to who will be the grumpiest!

Rasheed Wallace vs. Refs


That Actually Happened: The Chris Paul to the Lakers Trade That Wasn’t

In 2011, then-commissioner David Stern vetoed a trade that would've turned Chris Paul and Kobe Bryant into teammates. How was he able to do this? Because the NBA owned the New Orleans Hornets. WILD, I KNOW! Adam details this infamous story in this TAH.

Chris Paul Interview

3-on-3: Mike Breen’s 3 Best Bang and Non-Bang Announcing Moments

Have you ever been confused about all the "BANG!"s that happen during our patron names? Well just like a Pokémon after a few turns, you will be confused no more! Schubes pays homage to Mike Breen, Lord of the BANG!, with this 3-on-3.

COVID Safety Breen Vid

Which One Are You Talking About?

Melo Easter BANG

Ray Allen BANG

Steph BANG

And also: Ma Morant, mincemeat, The We’re Happy To Be Here Bowl, salt & vinegar, Hoopy Birthday, Christ Paul, Basketball Reasons, Zooey Deschanel’s hairdresser



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