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EPISODE 77: Sup, Nerds? We're Terrified!



Full Court Press: NBA Playoffs & Bad Fan Behavior

The first round is over, but actually it turns out the entire NBA Playoffs have been canceled because Mike's Beloved New York Knicks have been eliminated (don't worry the playoffs are still happening). The HORSE Boys cover the wild tales of recent hoops, which sadly includes some disrespectful fans.

Russ Popcorn

Sixers Game Backboard Slap

Kyrie Stomps a Cartoon, Fan Throws Water Bottle


3-on-3: The Three Best and Three Worst Player/Fan Interactions

The playoffs have shown us that having full arenas again makes games that much more special. However, the playoffs have also shown us that fans can step way over the line (sometimes literally!). Adam recaps the best and worst examples of fans and players crossing over.


Adam's Beal clip


Mike's Beal Moment


Vodka on Odom

Video of Malice in the Palace

Deron Williams Towels Off Fan's Face


LeBron vs Bosh's girlfriend


Reggie vs. Spike

That Actually Happened: The New York Liberty Played at Radio City Music Hall

You read that correctly, the place where the Rockettes do the Christmas Spectacular once hosted some WNBA games! And it was fantastic! Mike shares the wonderfully wild tale of this unconventional set of games. 

Picture 1

Picture 2

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