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EPISODE 78: He's Just Scarred For Life, It's No Problem



Full Court Press: The NBA Playoffs/Injuries/Firings

The NBA decided that 6/17/21 would be THE DAY THE NEWS BROKE. From firings to injuries to grumpy rumblings, so many pieces of news broke this past Wednesday. The HORSE Boys are here to pick up the pieces, make sense of it all, and plead for players to join the Knicks (well, Mike is at least).

Mavs Article


An Interview With: Schubes and Adam's Dads!

We had so much fun with the Mother's Day interview that it was only fitting to run it back with our dads for Father's Day! Joel and Maqsood share stories from their athletic careers, their coaching/teaching days, and so much more. Get ready for a wholesome chat!

And also: Layers to Grumpiness, Teal Summer, Whalish Logos, Derrick Favors' Descendents, Vocal Cord Management, Utah Jazz Hands, Cliff Paul A Freak, The Red Morning, Papa Mamawala, Poola Hoops, The Relationship of Trust, "Father Shock"



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