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EPISODE 80: Flourish and Panache



Full Court Press: NBA Finals, Rachel Nichols, and the WNBA All-Star Game

To balance out a truly un-fun story about the Rachel Nichols/Maria Taylor/ESPN fiasco, the HORSE Boys also cover the great moments of the NBA Finals and the WNBA All-Star weekend!

New York Times Article


3-on-3: The Three Highest Scoring NBA/WNBA Finals Performances

The Finals are in full swing and players are putting BIIIIG numbers. But who's put up the biggest of all time? Adam tells the tales of the best WNBA and NBA Finals scoring performances!

2011 WNBA Finals Game 2 Highlights
2020 WNBA Finals Game 1 Highlights
1967 NBA Finals Highlights
1993 NBA Finals Highlights
1993 NBA Finals Full Game
1962 NBA Finals Highlights

That Actually Happened: Chris Paul Is a Tattle Tale

It's fair to say that Chris Paul competing the NBA Finals is the most important basketball he has ever played. However, the most Chris Paul basketball he ever played came in December of 2019. Schubes recaps the moment at which Chris Paul truly was at his Chris Pauliest.

The play

The Ringer Recap

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