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EPISODE 81: I Usually Don't Trust People This Nice
(with Josh Gondelman)



Full Court Press: NBA Finals/Draft Recap & Russell Westbrook to LA

The HORSE Boys kick this one off by discussing the NBA Finals and how lovely Giannis is. Then, they cover the NBA Draft for a bit, but mainly discuss the Russell Westbrook trade that come OUTTA NOWHERE. 


An Interview With: Josh Gondelman, Stand-Up Comedian, Writer, and Author

Josh Gondelman like sneakers, the Celtics, and is embracing his role as weird guy with a basketball in the neighborhood. Come listen to his journey.

And also: Greek Gods/Diner Owners, The Harden Way, Glue Guys, Dunkin Donuts Sweatpants, Adam Sandler Aesthetic, Juggalo-Length Gym Shorts, Weird Basketball Guy, Young Bloods, Book: Pre-production, Goobers, Gondelman Types, Time Lord, "Grifty-ness", Uncut Gems 2, Trash Talking Key Grips



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