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EPISODE 82: With All Due Respect, This Idea is Just Straight Up Bad



Full Court Press: NBA Free Agency Frenzy

SIGNINGS! TRADES! TAMPERING FINES! A whole heck of a lot happened in a short heck of a timespan recently with NBA Free Agency. The HORSE Boys cover it as well as a bit of Summer League.

Kemba Walker Stepback

Kyle Lowry's Photoshopped Butt Account

Gary Payton II Dunk

Harry Dank


3-on-3 Draft: The 3 Best/Worst Moments From Space Jam: A New Legacy

We did not have high hopes for this sequel. Our nonexistent expectations were met. However, there were still some redeemable elements of the film, and the bad moments were so rough that hearing Schubes and Adam trash them is a hoot and a half.

Space Jam Theme

And also: Olympic Knockout, Pit Stains McGee, Bulgogi Boy, Kyle Lowry's Colossal Butt, Big Booty Schubie, "Troel" Embiid, Deuce McBride, Harry Dank, Don Cheadle's Sparkly Suit, Ludicrous Hours, Eat That Eat That Eat That Eat That, Spaghetti And Meatballs, Sweaty Hooves


Multitude Survey:


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