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EPISODE 85: I’m Very Excited To See How Spicy This Gets with Tom Thakkar & Nate Fridson



Full Court Press: Vaccine Mandates & The Ongoing Ben Simmons Saga

Certain cities are requiring players to get shots, otherwise they cannot play home games. Certain players are resisting. Certain TV broadcasters are calling out those players in spectacular fashion. Also, Ben Simmons and Rich Paul continue to make a messy situation in Philly even messier.


An Interview With: Comedians Tom Thakkar & Nate Fridson Give The Pacers/Pistons Fan Responses To Untold: Malice At The Palace

The Malice at the Palace is one of the most infamous moments in NBA history. Until recently, the conversation around the event was largely shaped by the media and the league, not the players. A recent Netflix documentary has changed that narrative, and the HORSE Boys recap the situation first and then chat with fans of the teams involved to present a full perspective of the event.

Various Footage from the Game

And also: J.Lo, Sister Schubert’s Dinner Rolls, Dr. Mamawala’s Soap, Slack DM’s, SATO STOP IT, Mincemeat, John Sal-leaf, TiVo, Facepaint Guy, Mr. Piston, Hat Boys, Talking Heads Music Videos, Pacers In 4


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