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EPISODE 09 : My Claw-Footed Pool on the Floor



Full Court Press: Rajon Rondo and Chris Paul in "The Spituation." 

Chris Paul and Rajon Rondo exchanged words during a game last week. Rondo then deposited spit onto Paul's face. Paul then donated his finger to Rondo's face. After that, they bartered punches for punches. The question: WHO WAS THE TRUE SPITTER?

84 seconds of saliva-filled slo-mo

3 on 3: The Best and Worst NBA Mentions in Rap Songs

Rap and the NBA are forever intertwined. It can either lead to lyrical beauty, or it can inspire Drake to rhyme "Lou Will" with "Lou Will" and again with "Lou Will." 

That Actually Happened: Larry Bird Recorded a Triple-Double With His Left Hand

Larry Bird and the '86 Celtics were so good that they got bored during a dominant west coast road trip. In preparation for a showdown with the Lakers, Bird decided to mess with the Portland Trailblazers in the ultimate "call your shot" moment.

Highlights from this absurd achievement

Larry Bird even PUNCHED only with his left hand

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