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EPISODE 45: The Demon Monocle

Full Court Press:  The NBA Is Suspended Because of COVID-19 (8:30)

To quote our own show: that actually happened. Thankfully, the NBA did the smart thing and suspended the league for at least 30 days. Unfortunately, it took a player testing positive minutes before tipoff in a game he was set to play in to institute the suspension. Moral of the story: don't be like Rudy Gobert. 

The Shirt Mike Got for Eric

3-on-3: The Three Shortest Coaching Tenures and Three Fun Facts About Short Coaches (23:13)

We've discussed legendary coaches that have held their jobs for decades like Gregg Poppovich, but Eric flips the script and talks about coaches that couldn't even last one season at the helm. Later, Eric talks about the shortest coaches in NBA history by height. Of course, short is relative here and being 5'8" is PERFECTLY NORMAL!

Short Coaching Tenures

Muggsy Bogues: Short Coach and Tenure

Magic Johnson Ejected

That Actually Happened:  The OKC Thunder Put Visiting Teams Up in a Haunted Hotel

The Skirvin Hotel is rumored to be haunted by the ghost of an old housekeeper who had an affair with the hotel's owner and suffered a tragic death. Is there any validity to this lore? Reporters say no, but NBA players say yes, and the HORSE boys are much more likely to believe the large men with frightening first-hand encounters. 

NY Times Article

NY Post Article

Timmy the Ghost Guy


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