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EPISODE 46: Make That Brain Bigger

Full Court Press:  76ers Owner Got Dragged on Twitter for Cutting Salaries and Joel Embiid Tweeted Hilariously About It

Josh Harris, owner of the Sixers, made the dick move of reducing his employee's salaries in response to the NBA being suspended. He rightfully got dragged for it on Twitter, and our favorite Sixer, Joel Embiid, joined in on it!

Do a 180 Jeopardy! Clip

The Joel Embiid Tweet

That Actually Happened:  The Tough Non-Basketball Times of Knicks Coach Jeff Van Gundy

Before establishing himself as one of the grumpiest commentators in the league, Jeff Van Gundy led a truly bonkers life as an NBA head coach. Eric shares some of these bizarre tales.

LA Times JVG Article

NYTimes JVG Article 

JVG on Jimmy Kimmel



3-on-3: The Three Best Quick Celebrations of 3-Pointers and the Three Best Longer Celebrations of 3-Pointers

We all need a bit of joy these days, and few things are more uplifting than a celebration following a 3-pointer. Mike covers the best short celebrations, as well as the best extended ones, with backstories included!

Steve Novak

Triple H Gives Belt Tips

Russell Westbrook

Ray Allen

LeBron "The Silencer"

JR Smith

Sam Cassell Big Balls

Big Balls Article

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