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EPISODE 47: Walk a Mile in My Inbox’s Shoes (with Dr. Lilly Tuttle of the Museum of the City of New York)

Full Court Press: Kevin Garnett Hates Snake-Like People and NBA Players Streaming NBA2K Is Not Interesting

There was buzz about the Timberwolves retiring Kevin Garnett's jersey, but KG was having none of it because he hates the owner. Always true to form, he let his feelings be known very publicly. Also, the NBA aired an NBA2K tournament between NBA players and it was the hottest of garbage.

3-on-3 Draft:  The Three Best Things We Wish We Could Watch NBA Players Do On TV

The NBA2K players tournament was bad. The H-O-R-S-E bracket is off to a terrible start. NBA fans need exciting content while the league is on pause, and the HORSE boys have 6 perfect solutions just waiting to be scooped up by ESPN and TNT.


That Actually Happened: The Museum of the City of New York Has an NYC Basketball Exhibit That You Need to Check Out (When Museums Are Open Again)

Though the Knicks' atrocious history could make you think otherwise, New York City is the heart of basketball history and culture. Dr. Lilly Tuttle joins to give an in-depth look and a peek behind the curtain of City/Game: Basketball in New York, an exhibition she curated for Museum of the City of New York.

And also: Vegetarian Lawyers, The Wizards Stealing Our IP, KG and Samuel L Jackson, Nintendo Drinking Games, Wilmer Valderrama Should (not) Come on the Pod, Casual Rod Strickland Invite, the Birth of Clyde Frazier

Guest: City/Game: Basketball in New York, an exhibition at Museum of the City of New York, intertwines New York’s vibrant history of street and playground basketball with the narratives of the players, coaches, and moments that have made the city’s game the stuff of legend. City/Game is curated by Dr. Lilly Tuttle of the Museum of the City of New York.



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