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EPISODE 48:  Lock Your Doors and Manage Your Alcohol (with Jordan Ligons and Bootum)

Full Court Press: Jordan Ligons Tells Us About the Zoom WNBA Draft

The WNBA Draft returned to quench our thirst for live sports action and it truly delivered. Best Friend of the Pod and The Ringer's Jordan Ligons returns to break down the best moments of the draft and help the HORSE boys properly process their Sabrina Ionescu hype.

Liz Cambage Twitter Beef ft. Milk

That Actually Happened Minis:  Dennis Rodman Had Wild Hair and Michael Jordan Wouldn’t Pay to Go Into Dwyane Wade’s Draft Party

In honor of The Last Dance premier, Eric and Mike shares some Bulls stories that were just too tiny to be a full "That Actually Happened". First, Mike talks about Dennis Rodman's wild hairdos throughout the years. Then, Eric tells the tale of a time Michael Jordan was too cheap to hang out with Dwyane Wade but tried to play it off.

Rodman hair


That Actually Happened: Bootum’s Lowlights Videos Are Making NBA Fandom More Fun

/r/NBA legend Bootum joins the HORSE boys to talk about how he started making lowlight videos, the times NBA players trashed him for doing so, and why in the world he roots for the New York Knicks.

Had a Bad Klay

And also: Milk Beef, Dennis Rodman’s Crop Circles, the Love Shack in Chicago, Q-List Celebrities, Bootum Ended the Warriors’ Dynasty, Zoom University


Jordan Ligons is a fact-checker and writer at The Ringer. Find her on Twitter @_jordanligons

Bootum makes the NBA Lowlights videos! Find him on YouTube, Reddit, or Twitter @DaRealBootum



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