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EPISODE 49:  Why Is Bazinga? (L.A. Live Show Extravaganza)

Live in LA:  The Three Best Clipper Moments and the Three Roles for Former Laker Rick Fox That He Was Too Handsome and Thoughtful For

When in Rome, talk about the Roman basketball team? Schubes and Eric each share 3 fun moments from the two Los Angeles basketball teams. Mike focuses on wild Clippers stories, while noted Laker-hater Eric decides to go in a more positive, and suave, direction.

Pod Star Weekend: The Best NBA Stories On Airplanes

Representing as the self-proclaimed Eastern Conference All Stars, the HORSE boys were the only act in Pod Star Weekend that had to fly into town for the show. Inspired by this, Schubes and Eric each shared their favorite NBA plane stories. As one anonymous source in one story repeatedly states, "they're wild!"

And also: The Power of Chimes, SI SEÑORA, Doc Rivers’ Deal with the Devil, Adult Chickenpox, Betting Rolls Royces, Rocky V Convention, Kevin Garnett x DMX, Sue Bird DLC



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Special thanks to those who came out to the live shows and Air Buds for hosting Pod Star Weekend!

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