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EPISODE 52: The Secret Charles Barkley Journal



Full Court Press:  The NBA Releases Their Guidelines for the Disney Bubble and Kyrie Is Branded as a Radical

The NBA released details for how the Orlando bubble will function when the league resumes later this year. Many elements of their plan do not make sense, and the HORSE boys are here to dunk on that. Then, Eric and Mike discuss the unfair treatment given to Kyrie Irving after standing up for players focusing on social issues.

Shams' Twitter Feed

3-on-3: The Three Winners and Losers of the NBA by Super Smash Bros. Statistical Analysis

The NBA's format for finishing this season's complex, and many are wondering how each team will fare when basketball returns. Thankfully, Eric is here to answer that question with the help of Super Smash Bros. and statistics. It took two years, but Eric is finally aboard the "math is fun" train!

Eric's Smash Statistical Analysis

That Actually Happened: Charles Barkley Said and Did Wild Things with the 1992 Dream Team in Barcelona

The Chuckster is constantly mentioned on HORSE because he is a hilarious quote machine. Never was he more on top of his comedic quote game than when he participated in the 1992 Olympics with the Dream Team. Schubes shares the best quotes and moments from the Round Mound of Rebound's visit to Barcelona.

Chuck Article 1

Chuck Article 2

Chuck Article 3

"Angola's in Trouble"

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