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EPISODE 51: And the Crowd Goes Ooooooh!



Full Court Press:  Jaylen Brown and NBA Players Used Their Platform to Promote Black Lives Matter and James Dolan Squashed Any Response from the Knicks

Jaylen Brown is a good person. He proved that by driving 15 hours to Atlanta to protest on behalf of #BlackLivesMatter. James Dolan is a bad person. He forbid his organization from making a statement about #BlackLivesMatter. Schubes and Eric praise Jaylen and bash James.

The Revolution will not be Branded

3-on-3 Draft: The Three Best NBA Moments Involving the Number 50

The HORSE boys were going to celebrate 50 episodes last episode (you know, since it their 50th), but they got too lost in the sauce that was The Last Dance. So instead, they share the best NBA moments involving the number 50 on episode 51.

Ashley Judd Photo

Corey Brewer Article

Corey Brewer Video

Dr. J Article


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