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EPISODE 50: The Picture of Dorian Jordan



Full Court Press:  Spencer Dinwiddie Had a Bananas BitCoin & GoFundMe Plan to Pick His Next Team

The self-proclaimed "tech guy with a jumper" is at it again, this time with a failed GoFundMe to determine his basketball fate. It was truly horrific and it ended the HORSE boys' 50-episode run of not mentioning BitCoin, so they rightfully drag Spencer for this atrocious decision.

The Failed GoFundMe

That Actually Happened: There Was a 10-Part Documentary about Michael Jordan and the Bulls That Premiered on ESPN for Five Weeks in a Row

Michael Jordan gave behind-the-scenes access to a crew so they could film loads of footage of the 1997-1998 season, which was Jordan's last with the Bulls. ESPN turned this footage into a docuseries, and it saved us all from the current lack of quality NBA content. Eric and Mike recap their favorite moments and more!

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