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EPISODE 58: The “G” Stands For "Gets"



Full Court Press:  The Current Lay of the Land in the NBA Playoffs

Are you following the NBA Playoffs but have no idea what team to support? WELL THE HORSE BOYS ARE HERE TO HELP YOU! They lay out reasons to root for (and sometimes against) every remaining team in contention!

OG's Episode oF Avec Classe

Doc Rivers' Interview Response

An Interview With: Gary Vider, Stand-Up Comic & Fake Sports Illustrated For Kids Reporter

Stand-Up Comedian Gary Vider ran a wholesome grift with his father for years in the 90s: he would pose as a Sports Illustrated For Kids reporter, his dad would post as the photographer, and the two of them would go to games for free and get interviews with the athletes. Gary shares his story with Adam and Mike!

And also: Stacey King-isms, Horse Trains, Vitamix Blenders, Tacko Tall (Not Tacko Small), Committing To The Bit, Dishonest Mr. Miyagi, Richard Gere, Sports Illustrated For Tweens, Lying About Lying



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