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EPISODE 59: Jason Waterfalls & Chase Underulo

w/ Jordan Ligons



Full Court Press: Jordan Ligons of The Ringer Talks the WNBA Playoffs and the Blazers clowning the Clippers

The WNBA Playoffs rage on and The Ringer's Jordan Ligons helps the HORSE boys make sense of it all! Then, Jordan, Mike, and Adam cover the Blazers' roasting of the Clippers on Twitter.


That Actually Happened: From Tragedy to Triumph: The Gerald Green Story

Gerald Green faced a setback from a freak injury as a kid, but he didn't let that stop his dream of becoming an NBA player. Adam shares this heartwarming story and further discusses Gerald's ridiculous athleticism.


Gerald's Big Dunk

Miami Herald Article

Cupcake Dunk

Socks Dunk

3-on-3: The 3 Best and Worst Teams and Players Succeeding or Failing Under Specific Circumstances (It Will All Make Sense)

In the 2020 Playoffs, the Nuggets became an entirely new team when their backs were against the wall. Inspired by this, Mike found specific instances when teams and players either went beast mode or yeesh mode.

LeBron Loses Headband

Weekend Player Stats

And also: Hairline Doctors, Widow’s Peaks, Shey Peddy’s Revenge, Wayoff P, Terry Tate: Office Linebacker, Bowling Legend Andrew Bynum, Playoff Rondo, Magical Headbands, Johnny Most, New Jerseys vs New Jersey, The Mask-Wearing Hall of Fame



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